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What Our Customers Have to Say:

Absolutely Brilliant! Great concept, great marketing, great website, great aesthetics, great food, great prices, great service! We ordered for the first time last night, and were enormously pleasedówill be ordering again as soon as possible! Thank you so much!
-Elizabeth R. Day

You guys are awesome! I can't believe how many times I've ordered from here, and each time I'm more impressed. I'm always dreading Sundays, because I know I can't get sushi delivered!

I had a great experience with Nude Sushi. The food is excellent and the service great. It's exciting to have a delivery option besides pizza. Thank you so much Nude Sushi!

The food is amazing! And the prices are excellent. any one who wants great service and food, i highly recommend Nude Sushi

Wow....amazing sushi. Awesomatic I do say. The site is very easy to navigate and plus my delivery person was very friendly. Came exactly on time too! ^___^ I'll be back for more!!
-Natee Link

I cannot express how cool this is. Fast, DELICIOUS, very friendly and . . . hey, all these comments say the same thing. WONDERFUL! AWESOME! The delivery folks are going to get tired of seeing my face!

Super rad! Was really freaking fast. Pretty tasty too.. Definately needed in a city where you are really limited to pizza for delivery.

I order you guys all the time and I love it... I am a really picky eater and you guys make me sooo happy!


Mmmm... so happy! You guys are the BEST!!! Excellent sushi. Excellent prices. Excellent business.

HAHA MAY! you ordered and left a comment too! Jolene and I are enjoying our sushi at 2:21 in the morning. this is soooo great.
-Kyle Hanagami

I have to admit, Nude Sushi has gained its' own line item in my personal budget! The food is delicious, and their staff is AMAZING! This business is a welcome and appreciated addition to my Berkeley experience, especially for late-night meals!!

sometimes when it's late, and late night is not late enough...never fear...nude sushi is here!!!
-Michael, Gabe, and Ray

Finally! 0_0 quick delivery, friendly delivery person, and great fooD!And its not that expensive! WOOOHOO. 60 thumbs up for the nude sushi!
-sushi lover

I LOOOOVEEE SUUUSHIII!!! I love the little mascot and how he rides the fiiishy! I want to ride the fishyyy!!
-Veena Pathiparampil

I ordered from nude sushi for the first time today and the delivery service was so great! The food was hot and tasted great!

Nude sushi rocks. Best new business in the area ;-)

These guys are batting 1000 with me! This time, delivery was even faster than before AND I forgot to leave a tip on my credit card purchase online and the delivery person was so cool about it! She didn't bat an eye and said "don't worry about it, just get us next time." I'm blown away by the customer service. 5 stars again!
-Janel Thamkul

Wow. This sushi is good. And a good deal. Plus, the delivery-people are quick and super cool. I'm bookmarking your page for sure.
-Steve Chang-lung Chiu

I visited Berkeley the other day, and that sushi at midnight was the most satisfying sushi I have ever had in my life. So consider your business a life saver. Godzilla rolls are the best!

Wow. Wow is all I can say. I had so much awesome sushi from you guys...and it was delivered super fast. It all seemed super fresh too...straight from the sea. God you guys are a gift to Berkeley. A GIFT!
-Mei Hu

wowee! nude sushi is excellent! i am highly satisfied. HIGHLY. the oishii roll is my favorite. oiiiishiiiii. yum!
-Alex Rosenberg

I just discovered your company this evening and I will never order sushi from anywhere else again! Your website is so easy to navigate and I really appreciate the confirmation emails (so I know my order went through). Delivery was super quick and the food was well-presented, fresh, and DELICIOUS! My only complaint is that the pictures on the website make everything look so appetizing, I took forever deciding what to order! I guess I will just have to try everything!
-Janel Thamkul

Wow guys! You're super! I love the mascot! So adorable! I love his little cap...and how he loves the fishy! I want sushi now!
-Diana Rosen

This is the greatest idea since sliced bread! No, I take that back. Sliced bread comes in second place!

Thanks for the sushi! Great service and I'll definately order again! :)
-May Matsuo

You guys are brilliant for coming up with this - and delivering until 4am was the smartest thing ever. i came home drunk fri night and wanted sushi and was never happier than when your delivery guy showed up right on time. it was amazing.

THANK YOU! I have been waiting for the delivery service to begin since I heard about it last year. Love the added/new menu online. Me and my roommate probably have spent 500 dollars together here! and with the online service, we will be twice as broke as before!
-Rebecca Lam

Nude Sushi, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! I'm really pleased with your service and I will DEFINITELY use this FREE delivery more often! The woman who delivered my sushi to me was SO NICE and so gracious. Thanks so much for thinking of this brilliant idea! I wish you much success! See you again soon!

Fantastic Sushi!!!! :)
-Jennifer Lau

I had a great experience with Nude Sushi last night! My order arrived well within the delivery time, the website was very easy to navigate, and the delivery guy was super nice and courteous (and cute!). We will definitely be ordering again!

OMG you guys are AWESOME!
special thanks to our delivery guy- chris! ahhhh DELIVERY SUSHI! my friends and i were so happy we wanted to cry. i hope you guys' business does well.. and that you guys stay open forever! (or at least until we graduate or move away). expect to hear from apt#201 very soon and frequently!!

six of us ordered sushi tonight and we are extremely happy with the quality of the food! we will ALL be telling all of our friends about you guys!!

-catherine, isaac(&*#@$$ who ordered eight california rolls and a chicken teriyaki bowl), daniel, tom, jason, david

I've ordered at least 4 or 5 times within the past two weeks from this place. It's convenient, it's decently priced, and its free delivery! I can get my sushi fix without having to go to an overpriced japanese restaurant AND without leaving my dorm room! :) i love it. And the delivery lady knows me! HAHA. that's how great it is, honestly..
-Stephanie Hall (Freeborn)

great service, great food, great price..highly recommend!

this is great!